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-    Enco Vending began operating a few years after the conditions for vending business in this country were created. After the establishment of a monetary board, it became possible for vending machines to be used. In earlier years, due to inflation and constant change of currencies' exchange rates, prices of drinks and products would have required updating on a daily basis. Moreover, in the period prior to the monetary board, coins had no value.
-    25.01.2001 – registration of Enco Vending.
-    The company became an exclusive representative and importer of Achem's Flymax vending machines.
 -    Other vending machines such as Rhea, Wittenborg, etc. were available on the market but Enco Vending chose Flymax because of the optimal combination of price, quality and design, and was granted exclusive sales rights.
-   The initial driver of Enco Vending business was sales of vending machines which were a novelty on the market at the time - they represented a new type of point of sales and payoff was reached within approximately 6 months.
-    The company started with a staff of 5 people involved in servicing, administration, and sales. The operation of 15 vending machines helped the company accumulate a considerable amount of know-how about business as a whole and to get to know the specifics of the Flymax machines in terms of exploitation.
-    In September the company partners attended the Anuga international trade fair in Cologne - the world’s largest and most important food and beverage fair - 15 different exhibition halls, devoted to products and equipment from all over the world, including vending solutions.  It was at this fair that initial contacts with two of the largest instant products companies - Satro (Germany) and Van Houten (Netherlands) - were established.
 -   The first vending machines used predominantly instant coffee and Enco Vending chose to offer its clients Nestle products since they were the most popular ones at the moment.  At this stage Enco Vending was focused on creating trust into the Bulgarian public and training people to shop from vending machines.


-    To be able to offer its products and services on a nationwide scale, Enco Vending authorized its own distributors in Bulgaria's major towns.
-    In the first two years, due to the increasing demand, the company's activity was focused mainly on the sales of vending machines. Even a limited marketing activity (such as adverts in the 24 Hours and Trud dailies, the printing of catalogues, in combination with positive word of mouth) generated enough interest and sales reaching 100% of the company's capacity.
-     The next challenge in the company's development was the provision of the full range of consumables for the coffee vending machines.
-    At first, attempts to set a portfolio of instant products were made together with AG Foods, Czech Republic and Ristora, Italy (with the Bueno trademark). However, testing the products over a few months did not exhibit the potential for the initiation of any long-term partnerships.
-    Ristora, ICS, and Nestle (the company was using Satro industrial equipment) were the only brands offering instant vending products on the Bulgarian market at the time. None of these producers did have the capacity or technology to apply the "spray-dry" process that ensured the best possible quality of substances.
-    Following a long series of negotiations in the spring and summer of 2002, Enco Vending was approved as the exclusive distributor of Jacobs instant coffee for the vending channel.
 -    Enco Vending's first radio advertising campaign was aired in the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003.


-    There was a quick growth in the demand for coffee beans for vending machines and as a result Enco Vending began to research local and foreign producers.
-    Deliveries and sales of coffee produced by El Mundo, Italy – a small-scale producer of local significance.
-    Enco Vending's first website was launched.
-    Enco Vending presented its products and services at the spring and autumn editions of the Plovdiv International Fair, Bulgaria.
-    September saw initial contacts and negotiations for importing Mauro coffee. An agreement was reached for the exclusive representation of the vending line of Mauro coffee.


-    First agreement with Elia and delivery of packed coffee beans for vending; later Enco Vending entered into partnership with the Elia company.
 -    Following a thorough analysis of the benefits and disadvantages of working with distribution companies, an important decision for the future development of the company was made - the setting up of the company's own network of regional representation centers, supported by own logistics, servicing, and sales agents. This move required serious mobilization and investment, but proved to be a significant competitive advantage of the company.
-    In connection with the market potential of coffee beans of recognized brands for vending, Enco Vending took part in the development of Jacobs Mocca Select - a vending selection for exclusive distribution in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia.
-    Due to Enco Vending's national coverage, the first partnership contract with the Lukoil chain of petrol stations was signed and cooperation initiated.
-    Joint activity with Bioprograma led to adding tea to the portfolio.
-    Enco Vending took part in the spring and autumn editions of the Plovdiv International Fair, Bulgaria with a larger exhibition area and improved visuals and design of stands.
-   Enco Vending began distributing its products on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.
-    An Enco Vending subsidiary company was established in Belgrade, Serbia.
-    The company took part in the Food & Drink fair then held at Festivalna Hall, Sofia.
-    In the middle of the year Enco Vending commissioned to a creative and advertising agency the project for the development of its own logo, identity and own coffee brand.
-   At the end of the year Enco Vending became the exclusive distributor of Mauro coffee - coffee and capsules for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.


-    Due to breach of agreement for the granting of exclusivity rights for the El Mundo brand, a decision was made to terminate trade relations with this supplier.
-   On the basis of excellent performance related to the maintaining of the vending machines contracted with Lukoil Bulgaria, in the beginning of the year, Enco Vending was offered the opportunity to operate at Lukoil premises meant to use professional bar coffee machines.
-   In the spring of 2005 Enco Vending initiated the production of the first product of the baristo line - the  baristo Vending coffee. The recognized Italian producers Poli Cafe were chosen to be part of the brand's strategy.
 -    For yet another year Enco Vending takes part in the spring and autumn editions of the Plovdiv International Fair, Bulgaria.
-    An agreement for delivery of machines with Saeco (Italy) was concluded at the International EU Vend fair in Cologne. At the same event, trade agreements were drawn with Aristea (Italy) for the delivery of PVC cups for vending machines.
-    The first deliveries of Saeco vending and professional bar coffee machines took place in December the same year.


-    Following a successful audit, in January, Enco Vending was granted an ISO certificate (ISO 2000:9001) by Lloyds Register.
 -    A decision to build own administrative/storage building to meet the company's specific needs was made. An appropriate plot of land was bought at the end of May and work on the design of the building began.
-    Enco Vending made the decision to expand its product portfolio of the baristo brand. The company's partners from Saeco recommended TAG (Torrefattori Associati Genoa), Italy.
-    An agreement was signed with Aristea (Italy) for PVC vending cups and the first delivery was in May the same year.
-    For the fourth year in a row Enco Vending took part in at the spring and autumn editions of the Plovdiv International Fair.
-   The company made the decision to unify and upgrade the fleet of company vehicles. A company brand was implemented.
-    On 29 August 2006, after a year of hard work, the company was granted certification under HACCP Codex Alimentarius.
 -    At the end of the year, thanks to the active network of regional representation offices with national coverage and due to the professionalism of services provided at the Lukoil chain of petrol stations, Enco Vending was trusted with the delivery of coffee services at all Petrol petrol stations throughout the country.


-    In the period March - April 2007 the baristo portfolio aded one more item to its vending selection -  baristo Crema.
 -    Negotiations with the renown Italian producer of home coffee machines Gaggia began. Established in 1938 by the founder of espresso Achile Gaggia, the company is still synonymous with tradition and quality all over the world.
-    Enco Vending was granted exclusive rights for the sales and warranty servicing of Coinco coin mechanisms.
 -    A second contract with Kraft Foods Bulgaria for exclusive distribution in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel was signed.
-    Another agreement with Kraft Foods Bulgaria was signed, appointing Enco Vending as the company's official supplier of professional coffee equipment.
-    A contract for the servicing of Kraft Foods Bulgaria's Ho.Re.Ca. coffee equipment was also signed.
-    Enco Vending started importing, recycling and selling recycled vending machines.
-    In the autumn we started the production of our own brand of vending coffee - Este Vending. The product targets the low to middle price ranges; production was commissioned to the Elia factory.
 -   A decision was made to start developing a Ho.Re.Ca. line under the baristo brand.


-    International technology leader Philips finalized a deal to acquire Saeco. Following the respective audit, according to the new standards of Philips, Enco Vending was approved and the exclusive distribution contract for vending, professional and office coffee machines was renewed.
-    Production of baristo coffee pods began.
 -    In April the design of the corporate website of Enco Vending was completely renewed to reflect the expanded portfolio of products and services and to allow on-line orders; it also reflected the new leadership positions in various categories that the company had achieved together with the advanced corporate culture.
-    Building activity for the company's own trade, administrative, and logistics centre started in the autumn.
-    In the autumn we began partnering with the Italian producer of coffee machines Gaggia; partnering was formalized by the contract for exclusive representation signed in December the same year. Gaggia coffee machines appeared in Technopolis - the chain of specialized home appliances shops.
-    Enco Vending enhanced its position as a preferred partner to petrol stations by the signing of an exclusive contract with the Rompetrol chain of petrol stations for the provision of coffee and warm beverages.


-    The Gaggia home coffee machines dedicated website ( was launched in February.
 -    The first TV commercial of Enco Vending was broadcast by Fen TV and Balkanika stations.
 -    In June the baristo Ho.Re.Ca. line became available for purchase.
-    A wide-scale project for office coffee solutions with coffee pods and the respective machines of the Frog brand began.
 -    The first major stage in the construction of the new building was completed in September.
-    A contract with K&K Electronics (Technomarket chain of stores) for the sales of Gaggia home coffee machines was signed in November.
 -    The next step in the promotion of the baristo brand was the development and launch of a dedicated website (


-    Enco Vending staff saw the first working day of 2010 in a new building of their own.
-    In the same month, Enco Vending initiated a unique trend in vending business in Bulgaria - the use of full-color branded paper vending cups.
-    First export of vending machines to Romania.
-    In July Enco Vending initiated regular coffee making training sessions for the staff of its clients. The first trainer was Patrik Vilhelmsson - Bulgaria's barista champion for 2010.
-    Enco Vending took part with its own stand in the Coffee Festival organized as part of the SIHRE food and beverage show on 27-30 October at Inter Expo Center, Sofia.
-   Since the autumn of 2010 Enco Vending has been among the official sponsors of Bulgaria's basketball champion - Lukoil Akademik.
-    At the end of the year Enco Vending expanded its portfolio of payment systems with bill validators produced by Coges, Italy.
 -    At the end of the year an agreement for the production of instant vending products was signed with Satro, Germany for Enco Vending's own brand Este Vending; first deliveries took place.


-    The production of baristo ground coffee in 250 gram packets began in Italy.
-    A specially commissioned promo song for baristo coffee was recorded in July.
 -    Enco Vending sponsored Patrik Vilhelmsson for his participation in the International Barista Championship in Bogota, Columbia (02-05.06.2011) where he was ranked 32 out of 60 participants from all over the world.
-    In the summer the range of Este Vending products received two more additions  - the Este Orange and Este Green coffee beans.
 -    Negotiations for exclusive distribution of Enco Vending products with the Romanian company Rolim were finalized. Actual export and sales of baristo and Este coffee in Romania began in July.
-    Enco Vending took part in Vending Expo in Bucharest, Romania  (02-05.11.) together with its Romanian distributor.
-    Beginning and first exports to Belarus.
-    The first sponsorship tag of baristo coffee was aired in November on Bulgarian National Television and Eurosport before the start of each basketball game with Lukoil Akademik's participation.


-   In view of the expansion of the business, a decision was made to implement a staged upgrade of the administrative and storage spaces in the regional offices.
-    After the two selections of the baristo coffee had found a multitude of fans, the range was expanded by a higher class of vending selection - baristo Speciale.
 -    A contract for the exclusive distribution by Enco Vending of illy coffee capsules and coffee vending machines (MPS system), as well as the distribution of illy capsules for the office (IES system) was signed in March.
 -    In May baristo coffee started communicating with its clients via its own facebook page.
-    Again in May a TV advertising campaign was launched on Fox Channels International.
-    A baristo coffee iPhone application was launched in August informing customers about the locations where they can drink of buy baristo coffee also offering navigation to the respective location. Baristo was the first coffee brand in Bulgaria to offer its clients such technological innovation.
-    First export of Enco Vending coffee selections to Russia.
-    The baristo brand was expanded by its own blend of instant coffee, produced at DEK, Germany - the factory of the highest European repute.
-  The 5th anniversary edition of BEGE Expo (the Balkan entertainment and gaming expo) took place on 16-18 October at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. Enco Vending and baristo coffee ensured the comfort of visitors by offering coffee, tea, and coffee mixed drinks, prepared by a professional barista.
-    Enco Vending entered into a nationwide servicing agreement for the equipment owned by Avendi - distributors of Tchibo and Davidoff coffee.
 -    Enco Vending Plovdiv office was expanded and transferred to a more communicative location in December.


-    Enco Vending Burgas office was expanded and transferred to a more communicative location in January.
-   In February Baristo coffee entered the retail network of Kaufalnd supermarkets with three types of ground coffee in 250 gram packets.
-    Again in February Enco Vending Ruse office was expanded and transferred to a more communicative location.
-    Enco Vending was one of the sponsors of the Bulgarian TV series Nedadenite (The ones we did not betray) screened on Bulgarian National Television in the period March-June 2013. Baristo coffee's animated sponsorship tag was upgraded and shown in the beginning and at the end of each episode of the film.
-  In April Gaggia received its own Facebook page.
-    In May the firsts batch of baristo coffee capsules was delivered; they added to the range of baristo products and also added value through the highest class coffee solutions.
-   In the period 15-17 May Enco Vending participated with its own stand in Vending Expo (Bucharest) and presented the baristo and Este Vending brands, including the new type coffee capsules.
-    In the period 7-9 June Enco Vending supported Mission Health - the national fair for health and social services organized by Bulgaria Economic Forum in Sofia.
-    Enco Vending was the official sponsor of the 10th International Short Film Festival In the Palace held in Balchik on 29 June - 7 July.
 -    Since July baristo coffee capsules have been available in the Bulgartabak chain of stores in most places of the country.
-    Since August baristo coffee has been available in the Billa chain of supermarkets represented by three selections of ground coffee in 250 gram packets.
-    After finalizing trading negotiations in August, Enco Vending began distribution activities in Poland, Latvia, and Georgia.
-    Due to interest on behalf of Facebook fans and baristo coffee customers, the existing iPhone application was adapted for OS Android users. The application is available for free and has been available on Google Play since 18.11.2013.
-    Due to its excellent reputation among its international distributors, Enco Vending started export activity for Ukraine.
-    For a second year in a row Enco Vending and baristo coffee offered BEGE Expo visitors a true espresso experience with professionally prepared coffee drinks at Inter Expo Center, Sofia, 21-22.10.2013.
-     Enco Vending was approved as a servicing partner of Rancilio - the renown Italian producers of professional coffee machines.
-    In December, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Gaggia, Enco Vending organized a promo campaign. A special promo stand was set up in Serdica Shopping Mall, Sofia to give customers an opportunity to have a personal interaction with the Gaggia coffee machines, prepare their own espresso drinks and experience the quality of the equipment.
You can now order our special selection - baristo Collection Modezia.

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